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Bonanza Open League


  • $36/player/week.  Includes $10 prize fund.  Does not include cart. *Carts can be purchased at check-in.
  • Every Tuesday starting at 5:20 PM
  • 16 spots available each week
  • Different play format each week
  • Registration opens 1 week before each play date
  • Net and gross prizes
    • *Must have a valid GHIN to compete for Net prizes
  • Refund/No show policy
    • All registrations are final, no refunds.
    • If a participant is unable to attend, they may request to transfer their registration to another player but there are no refunds.
    •  The event will be played rain or shine unless there is lightning, or the course is unplayable due to weather conditions.  
    • If an event is cancelled, the Denver Golf team will notify all registered participants via email and post to the Golf Genius league page.
    • In the event the Denver Golf team cancels the event, participants will have their registration fee transferred to their MemberSports account as a gift card for the equivalent price of the event.
    • Players can view the funds online and may redeem the gift card funds at their convenience at any Denver Golf facility. Gift card funds cannot be used to pay for online events, they cannot be used to register for future league date. Gift card funds are only redeemable in the golf shop.  For more details about using gift funds visit our website at

Bonanza Open League



Bonanza League Schedule

April 30th Net Individual Stroke Play SOLD OUT
May 7th Net Individual Skins SOLD OUT
May 14th Random Draw Net Four-Ball SOLD OUT
May 21st Net Individual Stableford SOLD OUT
June 4th Net Individual Stroke Play MAY 29th
June 11th Net Individual Skins JUNE 5th
June 18th Net Individual Stroke Play JUNE 12th
June 25th Net Individual Stableford JUNE 19th
July 9th Net Individual Stroke Play JULY 3rd
July 16th Net Individual Skins JULY 10th
July 23rd Net Individual Stroke Play JULY 17th
July 30th Net Individual Stableford JULY 24th
August 6th Net Individual Stroke Play JULY 31st
August 13th Net Individual Skins AUGUST 7th
August 20th Net Individual Stroke Play AUGUST 14th
August 27th Net Individual Stableford AUGUST 21st
September 17th Net Individual Stroke Play SEPTEMBER 11th
September 24th Net Individual Skins SEPTEMBER 18th
October 1st Net Individual Stroke Play SEPTEMBER 25th
October 8th Net Individual Stableford OCTOBER 2nd
October 15th Net Individual Stroke Play OCTOBER 9th
October 22nd Net Individual Skins OCTOBER 16th
October 29th Net Individual Stroke Play OCTOBER 23rd

Individual Stroke Play

In this golf event, stroke play format will be utilized, where players tally their total number of strokes over one or more rounds. The competition will feature both net and gross stroke play variations. In net stroke play, players’ scores will be adjusted based on their handicaps to ensure fairness across skill levels. Handicaps will allow players of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis. Prizes will be awarded to the top three performers based on net scores. Additionally, a prize will be awarded to the player with the lowest total score in gross stroke play, emphasizing raw skill and performance without handicap adjustments.

Net Skins

In Net Skins, a modified stroke play format is employed where players’ scores are adjusted based on their handicaps, aiming for the lowest net score per hole. Each hole constitutes a separate contest, with the player achieving the lowest net score winning a “skin” for that hole, with tiebreakers carrying over to subsequent holes. Prizes are awarded based on the total number of skins won, with handicaps ensuring fair competition among players of varying skill levels.

Random Draw Four Ball

In the Random Draw Four-Ball format, pairs are randomly formed, each consisting of two players playing their own balls throughout the round. The team’s score on each hole is the lower score of the two partners. Prizes are awarded to the top three net teams and the top gross team, acknowledging performance relative to handicaps and overall skill, respectively.

Individual Stableford

In Individual Stableford, players earn points by comparing their number of strokes taken, including strokes made and penalty strokes, to a fixed target score for each hole. The points awarded correspond to how the player’s score relates to the fixed target score for the hole. Here’s how points are awarded according to the chart provided:

  • More than one over the fixed target score or no score returned: 0 points
  • One over the fixed target score: 1 point
  • Fixed target score: 2 points
  • One under the fixed target score: 3 points
  • Two under the fixed target score: 4 points
  • Three under the fixed target score: 5 points
  • Four under the fixed target score: 6 points

**Prizes are distributed to the top three players based on net scores and the top player based on gross score, acknowledging performance relative to handicaps and overall skill, respectively.

Link to Tee Times show

Weekly by 12 PM

  • Tee times range 5:20 PM – 6:00 PM.

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to check-in with the pro-shop.

Tee Times

If you have questions contact Cam Crabtree at