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Donation Certificate:

If you have a donation certificate for a round of golf, please follow the steps below. Tee times must be made online.

1) Visit the MemberSports standard booking link and login – click redeem voucher below to get started.

2) Add your donation voucher code to the voucher section at the top of the booking  page.

3) Valid tee times will show then you can filter to your preferred date/time and complete the booking online.

4) When you arrive at the course to play, show your certificate virtually via mobile device or have it printed in order to redeem for the round.


Donation Requests

Donation requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of the event (earlier the better to give our team time to review). To finalize your request please submit your 501C3 status certificate, event flyer with date / location along with any details about what the proceeds from the donation go towards specifically. Please send all corresponding documentation (event flyer) to after completing the form below.