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Reservation and Check-In Procedure

  • A valid credit card is required to reserve a tee time.
  • Reservations can only be made online at
  • Phone reservations are NOT accepted for credit card security purposes.
  • Credit cards are not charged when the reservation is made.
  • Players must check in and pay at the pro shop.

No-Show Policy

  • Tee time cancellations/modifications must be made online at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Cancellations/modifications made less than 24 hours in advance, of the reserved tee time, will be charged a no-show fee.
  • The no-show fee is equal to the full adult green fee per player.

Loyalty Program FAQ’s

How do I check to see if I have purchased my pass for 2024?

Login to your tee time booking account > select my credits & passes from the left menu options > click on your loyalty points and view the expiration date.  The season pass for booking tee times expiration date will update when booking for 2024 tee times starts.

I want to become a loyalty pass holder, how do I get started?
Click “Buy Nowat the top of this page to buy or renew.  Annual pass must be renewed at the end of each year in order to roll over points and receive loyalty benefits. 

I want to give the loyalty pass to someone as a gift, how do I get started?
Click “Buy Nowat the top of this page to buy a pass.  Purchasers should enter all of their information to receive the receipt and redemption code emails. In order to gift the pass you will need to give that code you received to your intended recipient and they can then redeem the pass to their MemberSports account online.

I have been a loyalty pass holder for several years, do I need to pay to renew?
Yes.  All passes expire annually and need to be renewed to continue to receive benefits.  All players that do not renew prior to the end of the year will lose advanced booking privileges and no longer earn points.

I purchased the loyalty pass, when can I expect to see it on my account?
You will be able to see the pass on your account after you redeem the code that was emailed to you after purchasing the loyalty pass.

How much does it cost to join/renew for the 2024 season?
There is a $50 fee for the entire 2024 season.

Can one person purchase 2 passes?
Yes, you will receive a code for each pass.  Make sure that each player is logged into their own MemberSports account before redeeming the code to ensure the pass is added to the correct account.

Do I have to be a Denver resident to become a loyalty pass holder?
Anyone can join the Denver golf Loyalty Program, no matter where you live.

I requested a password reset email but never received one-how do I log in?
The password reset is an automated email, please be sure to check your junk and spam folders for the reset email.  If you have checked all of your folders and still not received the reset email, contact us at

I just renewed my loyalty pass online, how do I know if it worked?
Players can login at and click view Credits & Passes to see your loyalty pass and track your points. If you purchased the pass and have not redeemed the code, you must redeem the code in order to update the pass expiration.

How can I save my payment information to my account?

Players can save their payment information online by booking a tee time.  If you just want to save payment information, then we recommend choosing a tee time more than 2 days in advance, booking it and saving payment details.  Then go to “my tee times” from the left menu options and immediately cancel it if you do not intend to play.

How can I see if I renewed my loyalty pass?
Login at and click view Credits & Passes to see your loyalty pass and track your points.  

How many tee times can a loyalty pass holder book per day?
Loyalty pass holders can book 1 tee time (this can be for 1 player up to 4 players) per day up to 14-days in advance starting at 7 PM.  Only valid for 1 tee time and must be booked under the player with the pass.

I used to have a loyalty card, do I still need it?
There are no loyalty cards anymore.  Your old pass number may have been linked to a physical card that we formerly issued with the pass.  In an effort to reduce waste, we no longer issue physical cards and your pass is now linked to your profile and email address and phone number.  When you check-in at the course, they will ask you for your phone number, name or email address and find you in the system.

How do I earn points?
You earn 1 point per $1 spent when you purchase a qualified item. Qualified items include green fees at all courses, range balls and mini golf at Aqua Golf.  For example: If a player pays $30 for an 18-hole round, they will earn 30 points to use toward a future green fee.

How do I use my points?
Players can use points at any time or course to pay for green fees (range/mini-golf at Aqua Golf ONLY) when you have enough to redeem the entire round. It requires approximately 10 points for $1 to pay for your round. For Example: If the round is $30, it would require 300 points to pay for the round. Points may be used for qualified items only and have no blackout dates or times.  You must have enough points for the qualified item to redeem the entire item. Paying for an item with points combined with any other form of payment is not allowed.

I just purchased the loyalty pass, will I get points for all my prior rounds?
Players start earning points as soon as they join the loyalty program and will continue to earn points through the end of the year every time they play golf at a Denver Golf course.

Can I use my points to pay for other players?
Yes, points can be redeemed to pay for your own round and others as long as you have enough points to redeem the entire round.

Do my points expire?
Points expire at the end of each year.
*If a player renews their loyalty pass prior to the end of the year, points will be carried over and continue to accrue on the existing balance.
**If a player does not renew their pass before the deadline, they will have until March 31st of the following year to use any remaining points they have accumulated

How do I check how many points I have?
Login to your account at and select My Credits & Passes from the options on the left menu.

Why can’t I book 14 days in advance, I have a loyalty pass, but it won’t let me book advanced tee times?
*You may have multiple profiles in our system and the one you login with does not have your loyalty pass linked to it. Send an email to and include your phone number and purchase order number.
*You may not have an active pass for the season, players must renew the loyalty pass online to continue to book in advance.

I don’t think I am getting my points, how can this be fixed?
Send us an email at with your phone number and loyalty pass number and we will follow up.

How do I book a tee time using my (Family Fun/Come Learn and Play pass)?

Pass holders can book tee times online or over the phone.  When booking online you will go through the standard access on the MemberSports website and book according to the rules on your pass (pass rules can be viewed on the pass page).  You will be quoted standard rates in your confirmation email and can use your pass to pay for the round when you arrive at the course to check-in if it is a valid time to use the pass.  Get started by clicking the book a tee time button in the upper right corner of the page.

Someone told me they bought me as pass as a gift, but I never received an email?

After checking your spam/junk folder to make sure it did not go there, send an email to and include the following information:

  • Name and email of the person that purchased the pass for you
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number

I purchased a pass, but when I went to play, the course could not find it in the system, why?

Here are some possible causes:

  • If you received the pass as a gift, check to make sure that you redeemed the voucher.
  • If you purchased the pass yourself, log in on the MemberSports tee time booking site and do not see your pass with rounds under the “My credits & passes” tab send an email to and include your phone number and email address along with the type of pass you purchased.
  • If you know that you redeemed your pass, log in on the MemberSports tee time booking site and do not see your pass with rounds under the “My credits & passes” tab, send an email with your information to

I purchased a pass for someone else, but they are having trouble using it, why?

Here are some possible causes:

  • If you purchased the pass as a gift, check to make sure that your received the voucher code email and that the recipient redeemed it.
  • You may have redeemed the pass for yourself rather than as a gift. Login on the MemberSports tee time booking site and check if you see the pass with rounds under the “My credits & passes” tab. If it is there, and you want to gift it to someone else then send an email to and state that you need to transfer the pass to someone else and include recipients phone number and email address along with the type of pass you purchased.
  • If you and a friend both purchased passes, log in at on the MemberSports tee time booking site and if you do not see your pass with rounds under the “My credits & passes” tab, to see how many rounds are on each of your passes, if one has multiple passes, that means both passes were added to the same person—send an email to with your information as well as the information of the other player that needs the pass transferred to them.
  • If you login on the MemberSports tee time booking site and do not see your pass with rounds under the “My credits & passes” tab, send an email with your information to

If my friend books a tee time more than 2 days in advance for Friends & Family, Come Learn passes or Practice and Play, can I use my pass and play with them?

No, in order to use the pass, the tee time you are playing must be booked according to the pass guidelines. No more than 1 day in advance for Come Play Ride or Walk passes and no more than 2 days in advance for Family fun or Come Learn passes.

If I am a loyalty pass holder, can I book 2 weeks in advance and use my Denver Golf Pass to pay for the round?

No. In order to use your pass, you (or your playing partner) must book the tee time within the pass guidelines (no more than 2 days in advance for Come Learn & Play passes, Practice & Play pass or Friends & Family Passes).

Can I see how many rounds of golf or range buckets I have left on my pass?

Yes.  You can view your remaining rounds online at anytime.

  1. Visit > click book a tee time to visit the MemberSports tee time booking website.
  2. Enter email address linked to pass holder and password for booking tee times.
  3. Select “My credits & Passes” from the left menu options to view pass balance

Can I use my pass to pay for another players round?

Passes are not transferable and must be used only by the pass-holder.  The Friends & Family pass is an exception.  The Friends & Family pass is valid for the pass holder and up to 3 guests.

I purchased (or redeemed) a Come Learn and Play pass.  How do I sign up for the clinics?

We work with a 3rd party scheduling system for players to register for clinics online.  This system sends a separate email with a link, login and instructions for clinics.  This email is delivered the morning on the day after a pass is purchased or redeemed.  We do not post a link to the clinic schedule online, it is included in the welcome email so we encourage participants to save the link.

I have the Come Learn & Play pass and missed a clinic, is there a way to get my credit back?

If you were unable to cancel out of your clinic under the policy and want your credit back.  Send an email to explaining why you could not attend and the team will follow up in regards to a clinic credit refund.

I purchased a loyalty pass, why does my billing statement show a charge from The First Tee?

The charge comes from The First Tee on billing statements because the purchase goes through their website, this enables us to give a portion of the pass fee to the junior program to help grow the game for the future.

This pass is not going to work for me, how do I go about getting a refund?

We know the pass may not work for everyone.  If a player needs a refund they can send an email to requesting a refund and stating why the pass will not work.

  • If the pass has not been used (all rounds are still on the pass) we offer a full refund less a $10 processing fee.
  • If the pass has been used, we offer a pro-rated refund based on the number of rounds used. If a player has used 50% or more of the pass it is not eligible for a refund.
  • Passes not eligible for a refund after 9/30 of the pass year.
  • All refund requests must be submitted in writing by the purchaser to

Aqua Golf Course

Are you closed due to weather? 

We rarely close due to weather but our phone (720-865-0880) will have our current conditions stated.

Can I make a reservation? 

Both the miniature golf courses and driving range are open on a first come first serve basis.

Do you have club rentals? 

We have a variety of right and left handed clubs for all ages and prices do vary.

Do you have a restaurant? 

We have drinks and snacks for sale but do not have a restaurant.

Can we bring food and drinks? 

Yes, we just ask you do not bring any glass containers.

How do you get the golf balls out of the water? 

We use golf balls that float in the water then take boats out on the lake to collect them.

Do you host small group events/ parties? 

Yes, contact the Facility Manager for availability and pricing details. Click here and go to the contact tab to contact the facility.

Rain Checks

Can I use a rain check from one course at ANY Denver Golf Course?

Yes.  A rain check from one of our courses can be used at any Denver Golf course.

I lost my rain check.  Do you have a record of it?

No. Rain checks are given out as vouchers on the day of the rain-out and are not tracked to the specific player.  The only way to identify them is by the rain check voucher number found on the rain check itself.  Please keep them in a dry place or take a picture of the voucher so you will be able to find it the next time you play.

My friend and I completed the same number of holes but we have a different amount on our raincheck, why?

Denver Golf issues pro-rated rainchecks based on the amount you paid for your round and the number of holes you completed before having to discontinue your round.  If you and your friend paid different rates (ex: walk vs. ride or adult vs. senior rates) then you will not receive the same amount back on your raincheck.


I am a senior/junior, I was told I need to add my date of birth to my profile to get the discounted rate. How do I add my date of birth to my profile?

Login to your profile at From the upper right corner, select edit profile, scroll down on the profile page and add your date of birth to the birthday box.

Does a non-playing friend have to pay to ride in a cart?

Yes, spectators are using the cart for transportation the same as a golfer and by using the cart, are precluding it from being rented to another golfer, therefore, each will pay the same fee.  Please refer to our current cart fee rates for appropriate pricing.

How do you set your green fees? 

Denver Golf green fee rates are based on a dynamic pricing model which gives our customers more flexibility to choose the time and price that works best for them.  If you have flexibility with the time you play, you can look for the best price. If you prefer a specific time, you will get a different price based on time of day and day of week.

How does dynamic pricing work? 

Since there are a limited number of tee times available each day, the price is based on supply and demand.  A Saturday morning will be higher in price than a Wednesday afternoon.  This pricing model is similar to booking airline tickets, buying sports tickets or booking hotel rooms, which all have limited supplies available.  Customers show are price sensitive can book during slower times and get a better rate leaving the busier times more available for customers who are time sensitive.

How do I get the best price?

The farther out you book and the more flexibility you have in day and times, the better rates you will be able to find.

How can I book?

It’s easiest to book online on the Denver Golf website but you can also call the golf shop.  All fees will be booked at the adult rate for that day and time, and then adjusted for special rates (Juniors, Seniors, etc.) at check in if that rate is lower than the booked rate.

What are your resident rates?

The decision was made several years ago to eliminate the resident rate at Denver Golf Courses.  This decision was made because Denver Golf is an Enterprise Fund; meaning no General Funds or Tax Funds are used for operating the golf courses.  The only source of funds for Denver Golf is the revenue generated by the courses themselves; such as Green Fees, Cart Fees, Range Fees, and Merchandise Sales.  Thus, resident golfers and non-resident golfers support the course equally.

Do you rent clubs? 

Yes we do!  Please click here for rental club rates.

Course Conditions

Why do you have four sets of different colored tees? 

To support the USGA’s nationwide effort for people to get more enjoyment out of the game, we have updated our course tee colors and distances.  The beauty of golf is that anyone can play because the course adjusts for different skill levels based on the tees you play.  We want people to have choices.  It is not much fun playing a golf course that is just too long for the average player.  Playing from the distance that matches your skill level gives you a better opportunity to make pars and birdies.  By making these small changes in tee color and yardages, your scores, pace of play and overall enjoyment of the game increases dramatically.  Since introducing the new tees and tee marker colors, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of players utilizing the forward tees.  This has resulted in increased play and enjoyment of our courses by all golfers.

What is the purpose for frost delays?

We have frost delays when the temperature and humidity are at a level which would result in temporary or permanent turf damage if players are allowed to walk on the turf.  So, we have frost delays to keep our courses in the best condition possible.

What is the best way to get updated on the latest Denver Course Conditions?

We have all the latest course condition updates on Threads or you can download the Threads App by clicking here and get them delivered to your phone or computer .

Pace of Play

Why do course marshals follow us around?

Marshals are there to monitor the flow of play and assist golfers when needed to ensure everyone enjoys their day on the course.  If you view the golf course like the interstate where there is a maximum and a minimum speed limit it explains why we need marshals.  If you drive slow on the interstate people have to go around you or sit behind you causing further back-ups and even accidents (someone ever play into your group?).  If you drive too fast you run into the cars in front of you and have to wait.  The best way for everyone to get where they are going is for everyone to keep a steady pace.  Marshals monitor the pace to try and keep it steady and prevent back-ups and accidents.  If a Marshal has to discuss pace of play with a group, it is to assist everyone with their pace of play.


How do I purchase a gift card? 

Visit the link below, choose the amount that you want to purchase.  When it asks for the amount on the purchasing page, you will want to enter the quantity of the gift card amount you originally picked out.  For example: If you select a $50 gift card and only want 1 you will enter 1 in the amount.  If you want 2 gift cards you will select 2.  If you want 1 $50 card and 1 $25 card–you will need to make 2 separate purchases selecting those cards from the original purchase page.  To get started visit our Gift Card Page.

Can I buy a gift certificate online?

We now offer gift cards online!  Gift cards are available in $25 increments online and e-mailed out to intended recipient.  If you need another denomination, you can combine two amounts or call one of our pro shops.  Gift cards are good at all Denver Golf facilities.

Can I use my gift card to buy online items like the loyalty membership or Denver Golf Passes?

No, gift cards can only be redeemed in the golf shop.

Do you have a Junior Program and how young can kids start? 

We certainly do!  We have the 2nd largest First Tee program in the country.  The First Tee Of Denver has won many National Awards for their innovative programs.  To find answers to more of your questions about The First Tee Of Denver or to register your child, visit their website,

How do I update my profile information? (username/password/contact information/DOB)

  • STEP 1: visit tee time booking site
  • STEP 2: login at the upper right corner of the page
  • STEP 3: enter your username and password
  • STEP 4: select your initials from the upper right corner and select edit profile from the dropdown list.

Do your courses have “Family Tees”?

All of our courses have multiple tee markers.  You should be able to find one suitable for you.  We also have Family Days  at the Kennedy Par Three course every day of the week.

Do you have driving ranges?

Yes, we have four driving range locations.

  • City Park, Kennedy and Overland Park all have ranges.
  • In addition, we have Aqua Golf, our signature water driving range and miniature golf course.  For more information visit our Denver Golf Ranges page.
  • Wellshire driving range is currently closed for renovations.

Do you have a par three course?

We have two;  Kennedy and Harvard Gulch Golf Courses.

I’m new and don’t want to hold others up.  When can we play by ourselves?

Welcome to the game!  Everyone starts as a beginner, so we all understand it can be intimidating at times.  We can never guarantee that you will get your own tee time as we pair golfers based on demand to try and allow everyone an opportunity to play.  Here are a few ideas on how to improve your odds of not being paired up with other golfers.

  • Strategically book a tee time.  (a.) Very early in the morning (first two hours course is open) (b.) Just after lunch Monday thru Thursday (c.) Late any day around 1 1/2 hours before sunset.
  • Play one of our par three courses.  They are great for beginning golfers and not normally as busy as the other courses.  Harvard Gulch or Kennedy Par Three .
    • Call and talk to the staff at the course you want to play.  They will be happy to help you find the best time to improve your odds.

Do you have golf pros that give lessons? 

We have many PGA and LPGA instructors available.  They can all teach at any of our facilities.  Check out our instructors and more lesson information.

Do you have memberships or playing passes?

We don’t have memberships or annual cards.  We do have a great Loyalty Program.  You can earn points towards great rewards such as free golf cart rental or green fee.  We also offer golf packages.  Learn more about our Loyalty Program and golf packages here.

Do you have Ladies and Men’s clubs?

Each course has a Men’s and Ladies Club.  For a list of clubs and associated contact information check with the respective golf course or click here to get the contact information for each club.

Why are there so many geese on the course?

Geese are protected so the only way we can manage them is to haze them and try to make them want to leave.  As you can imagine a golf course is a perfect environment for geese.  Plenty of great turf to feed on, lots of water hazards to swim in and not many natural threats.  It is difficult to get them to leave permanently so we try to manage it the best that we can.

What are you doing about the goose droppings? 

The previous question answers this question to some degree.  Lots of geese equal lots of goose droppings.  We manage this as best we can by blowing off the greens, fairways and tees and raking the other areas when possible.  It is impossible to manage the goose droppings in the winter so the spring thaw is the worst.  As it warms up and snow melts we are gradually able to catch up on the goose dropping maintenance.

Do you rent out the facilities for non-golf events? 

Yes, the clubhouses do host many non-golf events (wedding receptions, local group luncheons, fundraisers).  For details about booking a non-golf event, reach out directly to the food and beverage team at the facility you are interested in.  Their contact information can also be found on the course page online.

Tee Times

How do I book a tee time?

  • A valid credit card is required to reserve a tee time
  • Reservations can only be made online at
  • Phone reservations are NOT accepted for credit card security purposes
  • Credit cards are not charged when the reservation is made
  • Players must check in and pay at the pro shop

How do the no-show fees work?

  • Tee time cancellations/modifications must be made online at least 24 hours in advance
  • Cancellations/modifications made less than 24 hours in advance, of the reserved tee time, will be charged a no-show fee
  • The no-show fee is equal to the full adult green fee per player

How do I save my payment details to my online account?

Players can save their payment information online by booking a tee time.  If you just want to save payment information, then we recommend choosing a tee time more than 2 days in advance, booking it and saving payment details.  Then go to “my tee times” from the left menu options and immediately cancel it if you do not intend to play.

How do I add/change/delete my save payment details online?

-Add: Players can add a new card to their online account by making a tee time and choosing add payment.  (see instructions above)

-Change: Players can change their card on file by following the add payment instructions–making a reservation and adding a new card. Then you can delete the other payment option if you want.

-Delete: Players can delete their payment details by selecting your initials from the upper right corner > choose edit profile > Select saved payments tab > click on the trash can next to the card you want to delete.

The new system says that my email already exists, how do I login?

We transferred any player with an existing profile and valid email address over to the new system which is why it says your email already exists. Visit, click login in the upper right corner and select forgot password to receive an email to help you login to the new system and start making reservations.

When do tee times publish to book online? 

In an effort to help everyone sleep, we pushed back tee time posting to 7pm.  Now, tee times go online for players to book at 7pm, 14-days in advance for loyalty pass holders and 7pm, 7-days in advance for standard access.

*EX: If you want to book a tee time for a Monday – those times will show at 7 PM the prior Monday for standard access and 2 Monday’s prior for loyalty pass holders.

How do I search for a 9-hole tee time?

Select the filters from the upper right corner and choose 9 from the drop down list.

How do I search for a Par-3 tee time?

From the filters on the right side of the page choose  Kennedy Golf Course and Harvard Gulch tee times and 9-holes.

How do I search available tee times for just one course?

Select the filters from the upper right corner and check the course(s) from the drop down list of golf clubs.

Why can’t I view the available tee times?

There could be many reasons that you cannot see available times.

  1. You could be searching too far in advance.  For loyalty pass holders tee times open 14 days in advance and standard booking opens 7-days in advance starting at 7 PM.
    • If you are a loyalty pass holder and unable to book beyond 7-days check your passes and credits to make sure you have an active loyalty pass attached to your account.
  2. If you know that you are searching in the correct time frame, check to see if you have an existing reservation.  Players are only able to make 1 reservation per day at any of our courses.  If you have an existing reservation and are searching for a time on the same day–the system will not show availability.  You will need to logout to view available tee times on that day.

How do I search available tee times for all Denver Courses?

Login to your profile at Select DENVER COURSES button from the top of the page next to course name to view availability at all courses.


What is a split tee start?

A split tee start means that there are two 18-hole start times, one off of each 9 (Example: a foursome can tee off at 9 AM from hole #1 while another foursome can tee off at 9 AM from #10). Groups that tee off the 10th tee will turn to #1 to complete 18-hole rounds. When searching tee times, both front nine and back nine tee times will show on the tee sheet (for example it will say Starting Front 9 and Starting Back 9).

Why does Denver Golf do a split tee start?

We do a double tee start during the winter months to maximize the amount of 18 hole tee times we can offer with limited daylight hours.  We also delay the start of play to minimize the likelihood of frost delays.

How do I book a tee time? 

Search and book your tee times normally.  The only difference you will see is the “course” you book.  If you are going to tee off of number 10, then you will book the “back nine” course.

How do I view my upcoming tee times?

Visit the tee time booking website and login.  Then select My Tee Times from the left menu options.  All upcoming reservations will be listed there – you can view date, course, tee time, number of players, number of holes and riding/walking/push cart.

I made my tee time online.  How do I cancel or adjust the number of players online?

Visit the MemberSports login page and login using your email as your username.

  • If you need to adjust the number of players you will select My Tee Times from the options on the left, click on your name under the booking date. It will populate with the number of players in the booking, click the 3 dots under the player box and select delete player.  After you have the correct number of players in the booking click Update Tee Time.
  • If you need to cancel the reservation, select My Tee Times from the options on the left, click on your name under the booking date. Select DELETE BOOKING button in upper right corner, confirm DELETE BOOKING in pop-up.

How do I book a riding tee time?

All tee times are booked as walking and players can choose to add a cart when they check-in at the golf course.

I am a senior but the system will not let me book a senior tee time, why? 

All tee times are booked as adult. If you qualify for a discounted rate (senior/junior/family fun pass/come learn and play pass/practice and play pass) the rate will be adjusted at check-in.

Do I need to make a tee time?

Tee times are not required. Anyone may book a tee time up to 7 days in advance OR up to 14 days in advance for Loyalty Pass Holders online.  Walk ups are also accepted the day of, but keep in mind un-booked times can fill up quickly.  It is recommended that you book a tee time in advance to ensure you get on the course.  All players must “check in” at the pro shop to pay their associated fees.

Can I book more than 1 tee time on the same day?

No, not unless you prepay as a small group with the facility.  1 player is allowed to book 1 tee time for up to 4 players on a single day.  If our team finds multiple tee times linked to a single player that is not booked as a small group or permitted event then the extra time(s) will be cancelled.  If a single player tries to book extra times repeatedly their booking privileges may be suspended.

Can I book multiple consecutive tee times for a group? How?

Yes. If you have 5-20 players, call the pro shop to set up a small group booking. If you have 21+ players, please fill out the tournament request form . Our Tournament Director will contact you to help you book your event.

Do you allow five-somes?

Due to the amount of play our courses receive, we are not normally able to accommodate five-somes, however, there are times when five-somes are feasible.  Call the course to determine if your request for a five-some can be allowed.  Our five-some policy states: Five-somes are only allowed at the discretion of the Head Golf Professional or Manager on Duty during the off-peak season with the use of three golf carts where applicable, and during special events.  There is no ability to make reservations for five-somes using the reservation system.  No five-somes are allowed during the peak season.

What are the “Relaxed Rules of Golf” signs about?

This is an industry-wide effort to make the game more fun and help maintain the pace of play on the course.  We are not all professional golfers playing for million dollar checks – so why play by their rules and at their pace?  The relaxed rules encourage golfers to keep a good pace by minimizing ball searches and time spent on relief procedures in order to have a more enjoyable round.