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2017 October Newsletter

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City Park - Upcoming Community  Open Houses
Come meet the design build team!

Congratulations to the winners of the City Park Golf Sweepstakes!
Congratulations to all the winners of the
City Park contest!  
Marjorie Dolson
Jay Kurtz
Frank Chiarelli
Gary Pedigo

Winners will receive an 18-hole round for 2 players to play the current layout at City Park and an 18-hole round for two people to play the new layout when it reopens in 2019. 

Thank you to all that entered and if you didn't win, make sure you get out and play City Park before November 1st when it closes for redesign construction.
October Seasonal Sale!
  • Limited amount of special numbered Pro V1's left in stock
  •  NFL bags that are in stock.20% off
  • 20% off sale on shoes
Thanks to everyone that played in our night golf events this year.  They were an overwhelming success and we plan on doing the same next year.  Watch for event announcements for night golf starting in May and continuing on the 3rd Friday of each month.
My Choice Pricing
My Choice Pricing gives our guests choices when making a tee time online.  customers who are price sensitive will get to pick their tee time at the most affordable pricing.  Customers who are time sensitive will get to pick their time to play which will direct what they pay.  But ultimately, the customer controls what they want to pay or when they want to play, making the overall customer experience improve.
Customer controls the booking process by picking the time they want to play, or the price they want to pay.
The Customer gets more affordable and more accessible tee times


Evergreen open until November 19th!

Weather permitting, Evergreen will remain open until November 19th.  Come up and see us and the elk.  Keys On The Green Restaurant is open year round and has great holiday specials.  Call them for holiday party bookings.  720.865.3438.

Updating a Beloved Neighborhood Course
An interview with City Park Golf Course women’s league golfer, Jennifer Bater
As one of eight Denver Golf facilities, City Park Golf Course is best known as the urban course with unbeatable skyline and mountain views. The course is set to undergo a redesign this fall that will preserve its best features and modernize its amenities, including a full driving range and new clubhouse, while seamlessly integrating flood control for the surrounding community.
The project has already drawn in big and familiar names, with a design-build team consisting of Saunders Construction, clubhouse architect Johnson Nathan Strohe and golf course architect iConGolf Studio with famed professional golfer Hale Irwin as golf design advisor. 
Denver Golf sat down with Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) member Jennifer Bater to talk more about the redesign of City Park Golf Course and her other favorite Denver Golf courses. Jennifer sits on the Design Workgroup for the redesign, a group comprised of residents, community members and golfers. This group was integral to developing the design guidelines that helped define the project.
Jennifer, based on your work with the Design Workgroup, can you tell us a bit about what the redesign will include?
While the details are still being refined, we know the course will be an 18-hole par 70 in the existing parkland style that is so enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels. In addition to a new clubhouse with west-facing patios for mountain and skyline views, the redesign includes a full driving range that accommodates all clubs and meets safety needs without netting, which I’m most excited about.
How long have you been playing City Park Golf Course?
I play there a lot because its closest to my house – it really is a very nice community golf course. It is so convenient and integral to my lifestyle. I play most Wednesday nights with my women’s league. That’s honestly how I came to be involved in the project. I first saw some project signage in the winter of 2016, and I found out they were looking for golfers to participate in the process. I’ve been in Denver for over 20 years and have been enjoying the course for just as long, so I wanted to be involved.
What courses will you play while City Park Golf Course is closed for redesign?
Our next favorite course is Overland. It has a full driving range and is a nice course, particularly the back nine which back up to a bike path that sits next to the Platte. We also enjoy playing at Kennedy. From the west nine to the par three. The full course at Kennedy is really tremendous and challenging. When I play well at Kennedy, which isn’t that often, I feel great!
What are the top three things you are most looking forward to about the redesign?
The full driving range. On the current course, those first three holes along 26th are really challenging if you haven’t warmed up with your driver! I also love having the entire practice and warm up area organized near the number one tee. The third thing is the chance for modernization of elements like the irrigation system. It can be hot here in Denver and City Park gets lots of play, so having modern irrigation just helps keep the course in the best condition for the water that can and should be used. The fourth thing, and I know you said top three but I have to mention it – man that clubhouse looks fantastic! To be able to sit on the terrace and look out to the mountains, seeing golfers either teeing off or finishing; we don’t have that today.



Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Family Open!

For information on our
programming go to:


Capital Improvements
Kennedy sidewalk construction in progress on the North West section of the walk.  Moving of Utilities underground still in progress. Wellshire irrigation renovation. Construction Late 2017- Early 2018. Construction on irrigation improvements began September 5th. For more photos and daily updated information go to the Wellshire Facebook page. Overland First Tee Course.  Irrigation renovation has begun and the site has been tilled to prepare for earth moving.
Denver Golf Sustainability! By John Swain Horticulturist, Denver Golf
Hi my name is John Swain and  I have had the distinct pleasure of being the Horticulturalist for all of City of Denver Golf courses for the past two years.  In the spring of 2017 myself and a handful of other employees throughout golf were nominated and won the 5281 Award in sustainability for our projects on various courses.  Here's a brief overview of the projects that contributed to receiving this award. Honeybees on the Courses:
This was the first project we started in late fall of 2015, shortly after my tenure began with The City of Denver.  While doing some farm work up in Fort. Collins I was introduced to my bee mentor Devin from Bee Mindful.  The following spring we installed 3 honeybee hives at Willis Case Golf Course.  The first year was a great learning experience and the honeybees seemed to thrive on the course during the summer months.   One out of three of the hives was able to overwinter successfully, that hive also swarmed in the early spring as well.  Thanks to the crew at Willis Case the swarm was captured and relocated to a nearby hive that was empty and the guys at Bee Mindful installed two new swarms in our empty hives.  Expanding on this project, with help from the crew at Wellshire Golf Course, we were able to install two more colonies there.  These bees again came from Bee Mindful and have been extremely robust and operating smoothly.  This might be the first year we get some honey from both Willis Case and Wellshire.  I will be conducting a final hive check and honey harvest within the first few weeks of October.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!
Harvard Vegetable Gardens for Donation:        

In the spring of 2016, myself, with the support of Denver Golf and Harvard Gulch staff members, and Master Gardeners of Rosedale Community gardens converted the old dilapidated rose bed and empty pond in front of Harvard Gulch clubhouse into a productive organic vegetable garden for donation.   To date this has been a very successful project in turning unproductive landscape into free food for the local community.  The Harvard vegetable gardens also made the annual horticulture tour, where all of the City of Denver Horticulturalists do a tour of the choice garden beds throughout the city.  We have been donating to the closest community serving establishment called café 180.  It is just miles down the road, serves delicious food and people just pay what they can afford.   This has been a wonderful project and big thanks to Jesse Moisson and our volunteer Barbara for all the hours they put in to make this successful. 
Wellshire Pumpkin Patch: 
This is the second year growing pumpkins at Wellshire Golf Course located in the middle of the course on the Hampden side.  This has been a challenging endeavor for me learning to grow pumpkins successfully in the middle of a golf course.  Although we didn’t get as good a germination rate this year, we still came up with a good harvest.  Moving forward we may use winter cover crops and no till methods to control weed growth among the pumpkins.  A very exciting development happened this year at the all staff meeting.  We are now connected with some good people at Denver Parks and Recreation Social Enrichment team.   The majority of our pumpkins this year were donated to them for their holiday programs and haunted house event.  This also has led us into talks of how they can utilize our vegetable gardens for the children’s healthy cooking program they do in the fall.  It will be exciting to see how this partnership develops.  
Future Projects:  It is my hope that in the spring of 2018, we can start developing some Butterfly and pollinator gardens throughout Denver’s courses.  Stay tuned.  If anyone out there reading this would like to be involved in these projects or has interesting ideas for other sustainability initiatives I would love to hear from you.
Fall garden tips:
- Now is a great time to plant your garlic for the coming summer harvest. - Start collecting fallen leaves and chop and gather spent plants from vegetable gardens and perennial beds for amazing compost next year. - This is also a good time to plan for crop rotation and design of next year's garden because you can still remember where you planted everything and can design accordingly.  It is good to rotate where you plant your vegetables due to specific nutrient requirements of different plants. If planted in the same location the soil may be lacking those specific nutrients.
2017 Hole-In-Ones 
2017 Hole-In-Ones 
Date Name Golf Course Hole #
7/28/17 Breighton Bardezbanian Willis Case 10
8/2/17 Ted Kim Evergreen 12
8/11/17 David Beyer Willis Case 4
8/26/17 Cameron Bean Evergreen 6
8/26/17 David Hagan Evergreen 1
8/31/17 Randy Romano Wellshire 2
9/23/17 Dwight Ballard Willis Case 10