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2016 December Newsletter

  December 2016 Denver Golf Newsletter View in browser  
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Where are the tee markers?! 
You may have noticed something missing on the course recently, all of the tee markers have gone missing!  Have no fear they did not grow wings and fly south for the winter.  We have removed the tee markers for the remainder of the season because we are attempting to limit turf damage during these winter months.  We are encouraging our golfers to tee off wherever they would like on the box.  We will bring the markers out of hibernation and back to the boxes in early March before the official golf season begins in Colorado. Thank you for your understanding and we hope you enjoy the freedom to tee it up on the box where ever you want!
*Harvard Gulch will have mats out on their boxes this winter to prevent turf damage.
Thursday night Yoga for Golf at Willis Case!  Because your body doesn't get a mulligan!
Enhance breathing awareness, ease the ability to quiet the mind, increase your sense of balance, reduce your risk of injury, and increase your overall well being!
  • $10 per person, pay as you go.
  • Class begins at 6:00 p.m. in the First Tee Room in the clubhouse.
  • To register call Laura Beuhring 720.865.0702

The mission of The First Tee of Denver is to educate and inspire youth academically, socially, and physically through the game of golf.

Give the gift of golf this Holiday Season!
The 2017 Denver Golf Family Fun ($99) and Come Play ($189) passes are on sale now! These passes are a great idea for the holiday season.  Get the Come Play Pass with rounds of golf for that avid player you know, or get the Family Fun Pass with par-3 rounds, mini golf and range buckets for the whole family to enjoy! 
Go to
to purchase today!

Blow out deals at Willis Case pro shop!
Willis Case is still having the Callaway Golf Shoe Blowout Sale.  Come in and check out all styles for Men and Women. We also have Free Gift Wrapping on any items purchased in the pro shop from November 25th through December 23rd!!
The new Triton Driver has arrived at Kennedy Golf Shop!
Kennedy Golf Shop has the new Wilson Triton Driver that won on the Golf Channels Driver vs Driver show.
We have a demo that you can go out and try and understand what makes this club so great.
“It's one of the straightest drivers I have ever hit.” said Devon Puleo, Head Golf Professional at Kennedy Golf Course.
The driver comes with an adjustment kit so you can change ball flight of the club to match what you are looking to accomplish.
This would make a great holiday gift so get them early.


Denver Golf has YouTube!
Introducing the Denver Golf YouTube Channel!
Subscribe today to see videos of on course flyovers, event videos, golf tips and more! 





Willis Case Notification
Denver Golf, in cooperation with Parks Planning and Denver Water, will be drilling on the Willis Case property.  The purpose of the drilling is to evaluate long-term alternative storage methods to help supplement Denver's drinking water storage system and prepare for future water shortages. The drill test to the aquafer at Willis Case, will begin December 8-9th in the lower parking lot, with project to be completed around December 20th.
By Steve Hasler, Superintendent, Kennedy
 When we are playing our round of golf we are often cursing them or not even noticing them, trees. Trees on the golf course are a vital part of our eco system.  Trees convert Carbon Dioxide into oxygen for us to breath. Trees improve air quality, preserve the soil and contain erosion. Trees support a wide array of wildlife for us to enjoy. In addition, trees certainly can add to our enjoyment and experience on the golf course. There are a few common tree care tips we all can perform to ensure that our trees stay as healthy as possible.
Pruning – proper tree pruning is necessary to the overall health of the tree. Waiting until winter is a good practice that will invigorate new spring growth.  Never remove more than ¼ of the total crown of the tree per pruning. Make sure the tools you use are in good shape and sharp. It is also good to wait for the coldest part of winter to pass before pruning allowing the tree to harden off.  Make your cuts outside the ridge collar or swollen area were the branch meets the trunk. Do not leave a protruding stump or cut into the trunk. Avoid pruning in late fall.
Mulching – applying mulch around the base of the tree (especially new trees) is a must. Mulch insulates the soil and retains water for the tree. Mulch will help keep the weeds out around the tree and helps protect the tree from mower damage. Mulch also helps prevent soil compaction for the tree.
Watering- trees, especially newly planted trees expend a lot of energy getting established and it is necessary to water them. Watering will help speed up the root development. You want the soil around the tree to be damp at about a 2” depth.  Deep root watering is also beneficial to the tree. Do not over water the tree as this can create problems and even kill trees.
Trees are too often overlooked on the golf course and are a great addition to the course and our city. We have just completed planting 300 trees at Kennedy Golf Course and hope to plant more next spring. Thank you for visiting us in 2016 and we look forward to seeing you next season!
Date Name Course Name Hole Number
11/2/2016 Hugh McMillian Harvard Gulch 3
11/11/2016 Charlie McKay Willis Case 17
11/21/2016  Curt Seamon Overland Park 2