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2016 October Newsletter

EZ Links Newsletter
October 2015
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Come Home To Play...Denver Golf Is Your Neighborhood Course
In This Issue: Denver Junior Golf Superintendents Corner About Us Events Other Announcements
Congratulations to the 2015 First Tee Family Open Winners!
The 2015 First Tee Family Open had a chilly start but the sun came out and everyone had a great time.
Congratulations to the 2015 winners!

West 9 Winners:
1st: Jamie and Mitchell Blackford
2nd: Erich Priester and Tommy O'Sullivan
3rd: Ryan and Jeff Rundles


Morning Par 3 Winners:
1st: Oscar and Ollie Nolting
2nd: Edmund and Natalie Tatar
3rd: Steve and Jake Irvine


1st Place Noon Par 3: Maggie Hartman and Ella Brink
2nd Place Noon Par 3: Geoff and Reece Nuwash
3rd Place Noon Par 3: Mark Winski and Jack Eikelberner

For more information of this or other First Tee Events go to:
or call 720.865.3426 for more information.

Superintendent Tip of the Month

Winter Maintenance
     Although it seems hardly possible, winter is right around the corner.  With the approaching season comes the frequent question of “what do you guys do in the winter?”  I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this question.  The perception may be that there is nothing going on as far golf course maintenance during the winter months.  Like many perceptions, nothing could be further 
from the truth.
     While it is true that the majority of our maintenance staff are seasonal and laid off in the winter, the remaining staff stay very busy throughout the season.  Our Turf Equipment Mechanics are extremely busy in the off season grinding, sharpening and maintaining all of our cutting units on fairways, tees, greens, and rough.  Additionally, the mechanics are maintaining and servicing trucks, loaders, tractors and all other golf course equipment.
     The irrigation technicians are busy draining and blowing out the irrigation systems on the golf courses.  Inventories of materials and parts are checked and replenished as needed.   Much of the Golf Course pump system maintenance is done during the winter months.  In addition, winters in Colorado can become very dry and windy, so we still have to get some water on the course in the winter months.  Most of our courses have frost free systems that allow us to water greens throughout the year.  
     Many construction projects on the golf course, whether in-house or contracted, occur during the winter.  A wide array of budgeting, forecasting, and administrative planning is taking place preparing for the upcoming season.  The winter months also allow our staffs to attend a variety of seminars, conferences and training that keep us up to date in an ever changing industry.
     Finally, there still is day to day golf course maintenance that is required due to the fact that our courses are open whenever the golf course is playable.  It may seem that there is not much going on in the winter regarding golf course maintenance but we are actually quite busy getting ready for the next season of golf so you, our golfers, can enjoy the courses.
Steve Hasler
Head Superintendent, Kennedy Golf Course
When do you play "Winter Rules"?
When is it appropriate to play Winter Rules?  Is this only in Winter?  The article below (found on AboutSports.com) can clear up some of the misconceptions of "Winter Rules", when you are allowed to play them, and what they entail.

Winter Rules by Brent Kelly, Golf Expert
"Winter rules" (also called "preferred lies") is a condition that exists by local rule only and under which golfers are, on certain parts of a golf course, allowed to improve the lie of their golf ball without penalty.

Generally, winter rules are put into place during, of course, the winter, when adverse weather conditions can impact the golf course itself.  Or winter rules - a.k.a., preferred lies - might be put into place at any time of year on a course that is suffering damage; for example, if extreme drought kills large swathes of fairway.

 Here's how it works:  You show up at a golf course are are told (or read via signage) that "winter rules are in effect today."  You tee off No. 1 and hit the fairway.  But when you reach your ball, you discover it sits on bare hardpan despite being in the fairway.  Under the most common traditions for preferred lies, you have the right to move that ball up to six inches in any direction to improve the lie, without penalty (picking it us and placing it).

Important: You can only apply "winter rules" if the course or competition has invoked the local rule.  You cannot simply take it upon yourself to start improving your lies because the fairways are thin.  (That's called cheating.) 

If winter rules are in effect, the course or committee should spell out exactly what that means and inform all golfers.  If you carry a handicap, rounds played under winter rules must be reported for handicap purposes. But if winter rules are in effect, you are not required to abide by them; you can choose to play it as it lies. ##

Hopefully this article will help clear things up as we move into the winter season of golf.  

Denver Golf Courses (except Evergreen) are open all year around, weather permitting.


Leslie Wright

Director of Marketing, Denver Golf


Ladies Night is Expanding!
Every Monday AND Wednesday throughout the fall season City Park will be offering Ladies Night. Ladies play after 5:00 pm and receive a 25% discount on your green fee.
  • 25% discount on your green fee
  • Must mention ladies night when checking in to get discount.
  • Will receive a 20% discount on food and beverage in the restaurant
  • All players are welcome, but only ladies get the deal!


Throughout the year, we will be featuring articles on some of our players that have made a difference in golf.  These people have played at Denver Courses and have done outstanding things in the community.

City Park Spotlight - AlRuth Tony
AlRuth Toney, Age 85, Member of the City Park Ladies Golf Association for 62 years

“I just wanted to play golf, “stated 85-year-old African-American AlRuth Toney, who has been a leader in the City Park Women's Golf Association (CPWGA) since 1953.

In 1952, a spokesman from City Park Golf Course came to AlRuth’s employment site, the Finance Center,  to encourage people to come to the Denver course and learn how to play golf.  AlRuth jumped at the invitation.  The following year she took up the reins of the CPWGA, which had been in existence since 1930.  Interest had lagged and the organization basically existed in name only.  “I just wanted to play golf and so did a few other ladies, and then with recruitment by word-of-mouth and seeing us on the golf course, others joined us.  I was the contact and became the person people approached if they wanted to play. It was never established solely for Black women, “she said.  AlRuth explained, “There were two goals of interest: 1. To encourage young Black girls to play; and 2. To encourage women who at one time played and were still interested as well as beginners who wanted to learn golf.”

62 years later, she is a strong supporter of City Park’s First Tee Program for children. A brick with her name on it is on the path to the clubhouse.  
She obviously has remained loyal to the game of golf and the CPWGA, a game and a group she has been associated with since she was 23 years-old.  “Caring and sharing gives me so much pleasure,” she stated.  She even deeply cares for the golf course itself, sprinkling a mixture of sand and seed on bruised spots on the turf whenever she is on the course.

Thanks to Elizabeth Wheeler for submitting this article to spotlight AlRuth and her contribution to the game.


Loyalty Member Corner

As we approach the winter season, we would like to remind our Loyalty Members of the benefits as well as rules and regulations regarding your points.
  • You can still accumulate and use your points throughout the winter.
  • Points and rewards will expire March 31st, 2016 so be sure to use your rewards before the end of next March.
  • April 1, 2016 you will begin with zero points for the 2016 golf season.
  • Evergreen cart reward (300 point redemption) will be usable at Evergreen until November 15th or the course closing in 2015.  After that time, you will be able to redeem for a cart an any of the other Denver Courses through March 31st, 2016.
Thank you to everyone that has signed up for the Loyalty Program.  If you have not signed up, you can do so at any Denver Golf facility for FREE!  Then start earning points toward rewards with every green fee dollar you spend!


Join The Crowd!
Single Players Can Now Book Online!

Single Players can now book online!  No more calling the pro shop to book your tee time.  If you have never booked online, set up your user name and password today by visiting or calling any Denver Golf Shop.  Then go to www.cityofdenvergolf.com/book-a-tee-time to book your next round.
  • Single players will be paired with the closest twosome or threesome to your selected time
  • If no tee times appear in your search, there may not be a group to pair you with.  Try expanding your search criteria or searching on a date closer to the day you wish to play. 
  • An online account is REQUIRED and must be set up through a Denver Golf Shop.
For more information on Denver Golf or any of our golf facilities, please go to:

or call

We hope to see you on the links!
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