Loyalty Program

Loyalty Memberships are renewed on an annual basis.  An active 2023 membership is required to book advanced tee times in the 2023 season. Memberships expire annually, all 2022 memberships expired 12/31/2022.

2023 Memberships on sale now and valid
from date of purchase through 12/31/2023.

Benefits of the Denver Golf Loyalty Program:

  • Book tee times up to 14-days in advance starting at 7 PM
  • Accumulate points at any of Denver Golf's eight locations
  • Earn points on qualified green fee purchases. Range purchases at Aqua Golf earn points too, and can be redeemed for green fees or range balls
  • Use your points when and where you want for qualified items
  • Your points are tracked on our point of sale system.  Just ask a staff member for your current balance when checking in or check the bottom of your receipt for your balance

*Not all green fees eligible to receive loyalty points
**Range balls are only included in the Loyalty Program at Aqua Golf
***This program may be changed or discontinued at any time without notice
****All loyalty membership purchases are final, no refunds.

PLEASE NOTE: This charge comes from The First Tee on billing statements, this enables us to give a portion of the membership fee to the junior program to help grow the game for the future.

Loyalty Program FAQ’s                                                                                                                                       

I used my online tee time booking username/password to purchase the membership but it says not valid, why?
We sell the membership in conjunction with our junior golf program which is not linked to booking tee times.  Your email should work as your username on the membership purchasing site and you can reset your password on that website if you don't remember your password.  If you continue to have issues logging in to purchase the membership contact us at infodenvergolf@denvergov.org.

I tried to login to renew my membership but it says I don’t have a valid account.

**If you have never purchased the membership nor had an account on the denver golf passes website then you will need to set up a new account using the same name, email and phone number you use for your tee time booking account. This will ensure that the system can find you in the player database and accurately update your membership automatically.
***If you have an online tee time booking account--it is NOT linked to the membership purchase, they are two completely different websites.  We sell the membership in conjunction with our Junior Golf program and a portion of the membership fee goes to them to help grow the game for the future. You will need to set up a new account on this website to complete the purchase.  It will automatically prompt you to create the account after adding the membership to your cart and entering billing information.

*If you have purchased your membership online before, use the forgot password option to reset your password and login.

I want to become a loyalty member, how do I get started?
Click "Join Now"at the top of this page to buy or renew.  Annual membership must be renewed at the end of each year. A portion of the proceeds will go to support The First Tee of Denver Junior Golf program  and growing the game for the future. 

I have been a loyalty member for several years, do I need to pay to renew?
Yes.  All memberships will expire 12/31/22 unless it is renewed prior to that date.  All players that do not renew prior to the end of the year will lose advanced booking privileges and no longer earn points.

How much does it cost to join/renew for the 2023 season?
There is a $40 fee for the entire 2023 season.

Can one person purchase 2 memberships?
Yes, but each player needs their own account in the system and must use their name, phone number and email address to ensure the correct player's membership is updated.  Be sure that you sign out before purchasing the second membership--if you do not log out then it is likely both memberships will be added to the same account and cause problems booking online and earning points.  If you think you may have done this, send us an email at infodenvergolf@denvergov.org. 

Do I have to be a Denver resident to become a loyalty member?
Anyone can join the Denver golf Loyalty Program, no matter where you live.

I requested a password reset email but never received one-how do I log in?
The password reset is an automated email, please be sure to check your junk and spam folders for the reset email.  If you have checked all of your folders and still not received the reset email, contact us at infodenvergolf@denvergov.org

I just renewed my membership online, how do I know if it worked?
Players can log in to their online tee time booking profile and look up their contact information and active memberships.  If you look up your active memberships you should see your updated membership with the new expiration date. To get started visit the tee time booking page and login at EZ Links (https://www.cityofdenvergolf.com/request_tt/). If you don't see that updated membership expiration date, then there may have been an issue linking your membership or you could have multiple profiles in the EZ Links database so reach out to us via email at infodenvergolf@denvergov.org.  

How can I see if I renewed my membership?
If you login at www.denvergolfpasses.com you can view your orders to see if you have already renewed.  Please note: we also sell our golf passes on this website, if you view your dashboard rather than your purchases it may say you have "no active passes" that is because you did not purchase a pass, you purchased the loyalty membership--passes like Family Fun and Come Learn and Play are completely different than the loyalty membership--if you want to view your membership number login to the tee time booking website at EZ Links.

I checked my active memberships and see that my new membership has a different number, did I lose all my points?
Your old membership number may have been linked to a physical card that we formerly issued with the membership.  In an effort to reduce waste, we no longer issue physical cards and your membership number is now linked to your EZ Links profile number.  If you can view your prior membership and your new membership it means your account is linked correctly and you will continue to accrue points on your existing balance.

How many tee times can a loyalty member book per day?
Members can book 1 tee time (this can be for 1 player up to 4 players) per day up to 14-days in advance starting at 7 PM.  Only valid for 1 tee time and must be booked under the player with the membership.

I used to have a membership card, do I still need it?
There are no loyalty cards anymore.  
Your old membership number may have been linked to a physical card that we formerly issued with the membership.  In an effort to reduce waste, we no longer issue physical cards and your membership number is now linked to your ez links profile number.  When you check-in at the course, they will ask you for your phone number and find you in the system via your phone number.

How do I earn points?
You earn points each time you purchase a qualified item.  Purchasing 10 of the same item will earn enough points for a free one of the same item, or you can save your points until you have enough to redeem for higher valued items. Qualified items include green fees at all courses, range balls and mini golf at Aqua Golf.  For example: If a player pays for 10 weekday 18-hole rounds, they will earn 1 gree 18-hole green fee on their 11th round.

How do I use my points?
Players can use points at any time or course to pay for green fees when you have enough to redeem the entire round. See redeem column in chart below to view how many points are needed to redeem a round based on the price of the round. Points may be used for qualified items only and have no blackout dates or times.  You must have enough points for the qualified item to redeem the entire item. Paying for an item with points combined with any other form of payment is not allowed.

 Round Price Points to Redeem
$0-$5 50
$6-$10 100
$11-$15 150
$16-$20 200
$21-$25 250
$26-$30 300
$31-$35 350
$36-$40 400
$41-$45 450
$46-$50 500
$51-$55 550

I just purchased the loyalty membership, will I get points for all my prior rounds?
Players start earning points as soon as they join the loyalty program and will continue to earn points through the end of the year everytime they play golf at a Denver Golf course.

Can I use my points to pay for other players?
Yes, points can be redeemed to pay for your own round and others as long as you have enough points to redeem the entire round.

Do my points expire?
Points expire at the end of each year.
*If a player renews their loyalty membership prior to the end of the year, points will be carried over and continue to accrue on the existing balance.
**If a player does not renew their membership before the deadline, they will have until February 28th of the following year to use any remaining points they have accumulated

How do I check how many points I have?
Points are tracked in our point of sale system and printed at the bottom of the sales receipt each time a round is played. Staff members at the course can also look it up or players can email us at infodenvergolf@denvergov.org.

Why can’t I book 14 days in advance, I have a loyalty membership but it says I don’t have a valid membership?
*You may have multiple profiles in our system and the one you login with does not have your loyalty membership linked to it. Send an email to infodenvergolf@denvergov.org and include your phone number and purchase order number.
*You may not have an active membership for the season, players must renew the loyalty membership online to continue to book in advance.

I don’t think I am getting my points, how can this be fixed?
Send us an email at infodenvergolf@denvergov.org with your phone number and loyalty membership number and we will follow up.